Beth Umba

Woman on a mission to impact & serve the       world through curiosity, intuition + love.

Tune In, Listen Up and Lean the Fuck in

                          Self Expression Visionary for Women

Welcome to one of my most favorite parts of my life…my work.

We ARE ever evolving.  Shit gets real and shit goes dormant, yes?  It’s life…we inhale and we exhale, we expand and we contract just like the entire Universe . So, why when we experience these flat-lined, turmoil, crazy feeling times do we think something is wrong with us?

In a flippin’ nutshell here’s the deal:  we have desires that envelope feelings and if we ignore these desires and don’t take action our lives start feeling yup, you got it..flat-lined, totally disrupted and crazy.

Sometimes it’s clear to us what we desire and we don’t take action out of fear or lack of confidence or what other people might think, right?  And sometimes we really and truly  can’t see our desires (because they are hidden in our blindspot….yup, just like the blindspot when we drive).

My ultimate jam is mentoring women on both getting clear with their desires AND creating the steps for them to move confidently and powerfully towards them like it’s their job. (because it kinda is)

“Look around you.  Everything changes.  Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing…changing.  You were not on this earth to remain stagnant.” ~Steve Maraboli

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