So you’re here and probably wondering why do I want to work with Beth?

Most likely it’s one of these 3 reasons:

  1. Your life is so radically amazing that you want more of it.
  2. Your life is meh so-so and you want more for yourself.
  3. Your life feels sucky and you definitely want more out of this life.

Awesome!  Because Guess What?  We were born to Want More!

You were made for this! You chose to be here and you have a purpose to fulfill and experience. Here’s the thing…no one told you this , right?!?!


Why do you think you’re here? To be that (yawn) 9-to-5er for the rest of your life? To be a mom of 4 and your biggest duty is to see them off to college and BOOM that’s it? To be in a relationship where the most pleasure you experience is your marriage certificate ? You get the drift, don’t you? You’re alive with a heart beat and that’s about it, right?

We are living, beautiful Beings that have the capacity to BE whoever the f*#k we want to be. (And this is NOT the fairy tale version either)

If you’re feeling resistance, stagnation, angst or just plain uninspired it only means one thing…..You’re NOT tuned into your meant to be here, creative process.   The great news is…all those low vibration, feelin’ like you’re crazy emotions you’re experiences are all just messages from your inner guru that is desperately trying to guide you through this journey called life.

Work with me and together we’ll unlock your deepest, truest, most badass desires while discovering exactly who you’ve become and where you truly want to go in life.

I offer:

Coaching sessions in office, via skype or phone

Coaching infused Massages

“Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”    Rumi

This work is not for sissy’s and it’s not for the toe dippers. It’s for those of you that are ready to jump, those  of you that are sick and tired of the doldrums of your everyday, predictable, lacking a bit of luster life AND (most importantly) you’re  ready to decide to take the action necessary to feel alive & full of purpssion (purpose+ passion) again.


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