The Shit We Make Up


Ever notice when:

Somebody rolls their eyes at you

You’re talking to someone and they yawn

You text a friend, it’s delivered and no response

Your boss doesn’t acknowledge you in the hallway

Someone is driving the speed limit on a back road and you’re late for an appointment

Your posse posts pics on FB at a concert and you’re sitting home

A friend doesn’t wave at you as you pass through town (and you def make eye contact)

Your boyfriend doesn’t grope you like he did last week

People don’t “like” your FB post or Instagram like you thought they would

You finally get the balls to send a message to someone on a dating site and never hear back.

read on for some shit I’m not making up

Gratitude is Free Today and Everyday


Be Grateful for what you have!  You should be grateful you have what you have!  Be grateful I didn’t do what I was going to do to you!

That was my earliest recollection of being grateful and gratitude.  I think that was adults ways of instilling us youngen’s to be thankful and show appreciation…..I get it!

to feel real gratitude read on

Get Over Yourself….Who you fear being, your world is hungry for.


I’ll tell you… humans have it all backwards.  We spend way too much time worrying about what others might think of us ( I know, I know…you’re one of the elite that’ll claim that you don’t give a shit as to what others may think of you) .  Suck it up, humor me and read on.

Yeah, read on…you know you wanna

OMG….What I did in the shower this morning turned my entire day around. You should try this too.


It’s been a long time coming.  Now I know what I’m about to share with you is probably not something you ever expected to read about but this incident was definitely a game changer for me this morning.  You know how you know deep within yourself that just by doing one simple (or maybe not so simple) hankering task your life can feel freer than ever?  Yeah well….it’s true.

What I was reliving every time I stepped in and out of the shower was small on the spectrum of life but what happened when I finally took the time to deal with it was pretty feckin’ phenomenal. read on for more steamy shower story

Your Belly Ain’t Yo’ Bitch…’s the most powerful barometer you’ve got!

belly-blog-picI have a 45 year old obsession with my belly!   This obsession has danced in and out of my life starting at age 9 when Eric Manchester, a true jokester in 3rd grade made the comment that I was fat and pointed to my belly.  It was at that time I remember sucking in my gut…like literally sucking in my gut as if I was performing a yogic breathing technique that shoots the energy up and down your chakra line.  It became a habit, one of those habits that for probably 80% of the time I had no idea I was doing it.

Then we go on through crazy tween years where our bodies are so fucking awkward and all over the place it only got worse…..tight pants, swelled up belly from onset of the then dreaded period and all the mean girls you could ask for.  Needless to say, the whole belly thing just expanded.  Read On to Free your Belly

The Sweet Smell of Victory

14659426_186769585060483_3503864462157283328_nI couldn’t resist!  I just have to write about this group of fine young mathletes (men+athletes which is going in my lil’ black book of lingo by beth).  I’ve been thinking about what it takes to win in my own life and one of the biggest components for me is being acknowledged & seen by my people.  Now, I know that in order to succeed and win in your own game of life you must follow your true north and give it all you’ve got, right….here’s the 64 million dolla question: though how does being seen and encouraged effect (or not) your own winning in life?


What gives me fuel to continue and succeed is when I know there are people who support me and see my talents.  It must be that way for a comedian….when she tells a joke and someone laughs genuinely…it gives her fuel to tell another and another.  Or when a client emails me and writes “thank you for seeing that potential in me, I never in a million years thought anyone ever saw that in me” (she went from local retail to up and moving to another part of the country and firing up her own consulting biz)…..Some of you may think being seen is not necessary for your own growth but I beg to differ….it’s all part of your growth and development.

Come be part of the SEE’ers tomorrow.  Your presence is guaranteed to make a huge difference.  Is it necessary for the Victory? No although it deepens the well that victory comes from.  The joy you get to experience when they succeed at winning their match is well worth the trip over and the afternoon off…..I promise you.

This blog is two-fold: #1: because I love to be in the same arena as others who are seen and who thrive hard and achieve BIG ASS victory’s like the Whitchester Mountaineer Boys Quarterfinal Soccer Team! AND #2 because this is what I do within the scope of my practice….I work with women who go from being indecisive, feeling flat-lined and stagnant to powerfully creating, making decisions like a rock star mama and feeling freedom like never before.

Come on out and SEE this team of fine young athletes tomorrow afternoon @ 3pm in West Rutland.   We’ve got room on our “bus” for you!  Email me or call 802-234-6648

Nice Guy finishes Last (Night)

fullsizerender-10I never did dig that saying.  But, last night that is exactly what happened.  This guy (the one in the green ‘Keep Vermont Weird T) wrapped up his entire working career years.  He’s decided to JUMP and as of right this second he has no net. (do we actually ever have a net though?)  This dude has been in restaurant kitchens for 35 years.  He started off as a dish dog on the Cape when he was 14 and knew right away that he had to be the guy at the helm…… forward to today and he can easily name at least 5 restaurants/cafes that he’s run and helped soar into flourishing eateries.

He’s always loved creating with food and satisfying pallets all over the Upper Valley.  He’s a prime example of what it looks like to do what you love, love what you do.  His ability to cater to his clients needs was like no other. This Gets Juicier, Keep Going!

Passions: To watch from afar or Jump In?

A funky creative way of saying: Follow Your God damn Bliss

I’ll start this crazy train with my God damn Bliss:

Passion….WTF is this word that’s thrown around in all these new agey conversations? For clarity sake in this blog when I refer to passion I’m talking about your desires in life, what stokes your fire, lights you up, brings you mad joy, creates a smirk that just doesn’t quit….you get the gist.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably got a good grasp on at least a few of your desires  and ….You probably know you want to life an amazing life, right??

I so badly want to write about my experience with passions, blisses and unraveling but the “stay safe” voice in my head is  echoing “this ain’t about you Beth, not another tale of a day in the life of Beth”.  I say f#ck it and too bad….I’m a rock star story teller and this is my connection to my world.  Phew, now that… feels better. Keep on reading!

Go Big

Life is supposed to ebb and flow, expand and contract, have darkness and light. Most of us aren’t taught what to do with it when it feels uncertain, dull and all over the place. (I wasn’t) I can’t wait for my world to be exposed to my work, what I love and what I kick ass at.



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