What if….


As I sit here in my kitchen with an abundance of creative energy just buzzing around my body…it feels like and seems like I can’t figure out where to go with it.


Is it my job to “figure” this out?  What if I just let it have it’s way with me?  What if I just watched it buzz and dance in my face?  What if I moved however the flip I am moved to move with it?  What if I was to ignore it?

I used to call this my “cat on a hot tin roof” mode as if something was wrong with me because I couldn’t funnel my energy into just one thing…..’cause we’re here to be good at one thing and run with it, right?!  Ha! NOPE.

I’m noticing now more than ever how much information there is out there in the world via conversations, social media, billboards (not in Vermont though) and it’s all outside stimulation.   I have to check myself at the door when I’m being immersed in new information or the latest and greatest invention ever or the best feel good juice out there or do this now and don’t do that or the eat this, not that……you catch my drift.

What happened to my inner compass that knows me better than any new found information out there?  The True North that is created by how I love to feel in my bones,  in my body, every dang day….yeah, that True North.   How can I be true to mySelf through all this outside stimulation?

This is NO mystery to me…it’s what happens when I hand myself over to wanting what I think I should want or whatever other people want or what others think I should want or how about just throwing myself out there just because I don’t want to be responsible for the choices I make?   There is nothing wrong here and there is NOTHING to fix…but here’s the thing……following that inner niggling of desire that lives at the core of my being is pertinent to living my life full on and out…..FACT!

What I’ve created thus far is the ultimate stage for me to BE in the space of tuning in and following my ever lovin’ bliss.   Check this out:  I’m self employed, I’ve got an imagination that makes Disney look kinda silly and I’ve got peeps in my life that reflect back to me the same love and trust I put out AND most importantly I’ve got all the money & love in the world invested in that the sweet Universe has always, always, always…got my back. (That my friends, never waivers…..the rest of the stuff might but that……Nevaaaa!

And I bet you wanna know what is at the core of this groovy, creative energy that is whirling around my body like a meteor shower is all about, don’t you?  I’d feel like I was ripping you off if I didn’t share this with you….here’s what’s bubbling and I can’t wait to see where it takes me:  Guiding Women back to their True North, Yoga Teacher Training, Home Infusions: Cleaning, Clearing and Infusing your Living Space, More Yoga, Online Group Coaching on how your relationship with Money and Sex are intertwined, buying a new home, creating a local Ya Ya Sisterhood, Morning Confessions: Share your shit and be free.

What if all of these exciting to me ideas came to be?  What if they all just stayed as thoughts and buzzy ideas?   What if something BIGGER than all of this is hanging in the ethers behind these ideas just waiting for me to experience it?  What the flip if?

What if this is exactly what you needed to read today?

Oh God, do I love you!


We’ve got one shot…no skimpin’!

double nickels coming atcha

I opened my eyes this morning at 6:17 a.m  coincidence? Nope…nevaaaa!  Signs…always signs…it’s what happens every single solitary day if I commit to being open to seeing them.

So yeah….it’s my birthday.  I was born 55 years ago….double nickels baby.  I thought, what better day to spring outta bed and welcome myself into this brand spankin’ new year?  A cuppa bullet proof coffee, a camera to take a fresh outta bed selfie and reach out~n~share with you, my world.

There is something to be said about the clarity, the confidence and the rooted-ness that comes with becoming so sweetly seasoned with time.  Years are just measures of time and we use numbers to keep track but really…it’s all just time.  And what is time?  It’s something we made up.  Why?  I guess it serves us in more ways than it doesn’t…. after all, it is just a space that we live into until we don’t, right?


As I celebrate and shimmy into more of my birth-rite freedom panties I want to take this moment to thank YOU, yeah YOU and you and you and you…..all of you!  For we can only grow and evolve as quickly as our chosen community and I gotta say that I’m loving this pace with you.  I get to see me in you and you get to see you in me.  If you’re reading this we are connected and this is you as well….some way, some how it fits somewhere into your world otherwise you wouldn’t be right here, right now.

As I embark on this 55 years + adventure I’m lovin’ a little deeper, embracing every ounce of my being from my well earned crows feet & laugh lines to my hammer toes on my callused up soles of my feet and every stinkin’ part of me in between.   I am who I believe myself to be and my body is following suit.  I don’t fear death but I’m the biggest fan of leaving no stone un-turned and riding this wild & magical mystery tour until I’m feeling done.  There’s something extraordinary about being a woman in her middlessence….the whirling vortex of creative energy that continues to sing within &  is always ready to be utilized as soon as I say so, the new found freedom I get to experience in my skin that continues to blow me away daily, some of the most solid & grounded feet on the earth and the keenest sense of intuition I’ve ever had.

Not too many people know this but a woman in her middlessent years is a force not to be reckoned with.  She’s a wheelhouse of creative energy and has the opportunity to take life by the ever lovin’s and utilize the freedom that she embodies in her physical self and go out into her world and evolve into her next layer with grace, style and ease.  We all get this chance to BE-come in our middlessence.  What the world needs now are more women to break trail and break through the old molds and beliefs of winding down, fading out and settling into and preparing for “old age”.  This is the work I dig.  This is what I teach.  This is what I live.

From a song by Mt. Wolf called Burgs:  “it’s just that we get so messy, it’s not that we are doing lots of wrong things, our mind is so messy we don’t keep things simple and we end up making the life that we are living, so in-ordinarily complicated, completely unnecessary and it’s such a shame to end up feeling in a real muddle, while actually, you ought to be having the time of your lives.  It doesn’t actually take much to make the deepest part of us incredibly happy.”

I heart you so BIG you can’t even imagine and that’s just the way I like it!

Celebrate it ALL & Happy New Year!



PS: Here’s a fun fact that oughta make you wanna bust a move (it did for me):  Scientists estimate the probability of your being born at about one in 400 trillion.  What are you doing to celebrate being alive today?  Get out there and Get it! 



Sometimes you just gotta go Upside down


Life…..some days it feels smooth like butta and other days I wonder who the fuck am I, where the fuck am I and certainly where the fuck am I going.

This slump is no stranger to me ….I question EVERYTHING I think about, EVERYTHING I say and EVERYTHING I just did….it’s a racket for sure but feels so real and raw.

I’ve been here before and I know that this too shall pass.  This time though, I want to gut it out and understand it more than I ever have…I want to get me!  I’m sure the cosmos, the barometric pressure, my ever changing hormone levels, the food I eat, the over indulgence of booze I drank over the weekend, the fact that I’m about to become a grandmother, the smack down that our youngest is about to graduate high school, the coffee I drink….blah, blah, blah, blah blah….ALL have an impact on who I get to be and how I feel in the HERE and NOW.  Ok, so now what?

My philosophy on this is that when I start feeling crazy, empty, over flowing(aka questioning every effing thing) and out of sorts….I reach for the better feeling feelings….after all, the human in me veers away from pain and sadness and does what it can to climb the ecstasy staircase.   Don’t get me wrong here peeps, I allow myself to feel it all….I think that’s part of the breakdown though.  I feel it all, be with it all, try and make sense of it all and in the process I paralyze myself.

Maybe “understanding” myself isn’t the answer.   Often times I fantasize about living from that GO place within me..you know… that place where all the really radical, off the cuff, spontaneous and unique to you mojo spews out from at the drop of a hat.  I LOVE living from this place…I mean I LOVE living from this place…..Did you hear me Self?  I LOVE LIVING FROM THIS PLACE!

I’ve been living with one toe in the water off and on for sometime now….here’s what I mean when I say this:  I create a vision and I live into it and then I step out of it, and then I wonder where it all went, and then I make it out that I’m wrong and I don’t know what I’m doing…then I go back to what I know I’m good at and what feels safe and comfy to live into….but am I really living?  Am I really living into a life where there is so much abundance and the most incredible possibilities are everywhere??

How do I lay this self sabotaging, stale, familiar way of being to it’s final rest?  Is it possible to do that?  It’s like they say if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.   In any and every given moment I know I get to create something new…..I get to say how it goes, always.  The little voice in my head right now is saying “people are going to challenge you on this one Beth…don’t write it…you can’t prove it”.  My life is living proof that I’m the creator or my own reality…..I need no other proof.   HOT TIP:  Yours is too!

I choose to wake up and give a fuck about experiencing the brand spankin’ new 24 hours that has been gifted to me in a way that brings me utmost fulfillment, joy and connection to the world of people I love.

My daily desires have always consisted of : speaking the perfect combo of head & heart to all (yup all….ain’t nobody (myself) got time for deciphering who gets what and how much), trusting the Universe and its infinite wisdom and all knowing that surrounds us here on this plane, BEing my own endless source of JOY always, and giving and receiving ever so freely with my world.

Living and Being from this place I’ve just described is what I call living and loving unraveled and free~  I know life expands and contracts and we all feel what we feel and respond to it however we choose with the our best at hand. All we have are all these fleeting moments and there are 86,400 in a day…I don’t wanna miss any of them.  I won’t die with a credit on my account.

Lastly, there is something I really love about blogging and sharing with my world, not only is it therapeutic for my soul it’s also about being real, being seen and being gotten and quite possibly shed light for those that might be swimming in the same pond.  I love when I set shit straight in my noggin and see the bigger picture, I love when I get to witness others doing the same.  There’s something pretty effing radical that happens when we are in the presence of another when they clearly remember their magnificence.   Moves ME BIG!     Thank you for seeing me.

How does your Flow Go?


And then there’s today!

The other day I blogged about playing with the idea that All is really well, that there’s nothing to fix and everything is exactly how it is and it’s just abso perfect.  Hell, it’s a new way of being so of course it was a chore to stay “in it” but what I got reacquainted with was my ever lovin’ flow.

Flow!  Let me share my rendition of flow.  When I’m in my flow it feels like this:  I’m in  a big beautiful kayak, hands in the air, effortlessly with grace and ease flowing in a crystal clear body of water, thrill bumps abundant and  a strong desire to capture the moment right then and there.

Another common example of feeling in my flow is when I’m laughing with someone and realize halfway through how much I enjoy them and their existence. I’ll catch my breath, wipe my eyes and feel like I just fell that much more in love with them and life in that moment.   I.L.O.V.E.T.H.A.T.F.E.E.L.I.N.G!

Flow is something that I can access when I’m in my body, like really present, not with huge effort either…..just saying so and feeling with all my senses.  We all have access to this flow.  We’ve all experienced this flow.

Today I have a full schedule filled with some of my favorite things to do…a beautiful mixture of coaching and bodywork …I so love that feeling and the life that I’ve created.  I’ve decided to take on another day (today) and dedicate it to that flow that feels so effing amazing.

I would love to hear from you and how your flow goes.  How do you access your flow?

Take some time and open the windows of your mind and air that baby out …unravel & unleash it and see what happens.

And as always….I HEART you BIG!

P.S:  I’m totally okay with admitting to you that I’m a FLOW ADDICT!  Come with me!




Home: Comfy vs. Launching Pad


We often think of home as a place we can go to and be ourselves.  It’s true…it does bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to the forefront.  But……it can also dim

down the changes you’ve worked hard to unveil and become.

I’m an extremely inquisitive, testing the waters always kinda gal and I love that about myself.  When I dive deep and break through another layer of myself it calls for me to try it on, sniff it out and become it once and for all.   So, I go there.

I share this new found level of my being with my besties…the hubs, the daughter, my mama, bffs, the neighbs……I share that shit….it feels good, I am seen, it deflates the fear that accompanies new layers and it works.   Now, when I’m done sharing it….it’s show time.  The thrill of talking about it is gone and it’s time to live it, try that shit on and live IN it.  Here’s the whole point of this post: Home land is the hardest place for me to live into my new found layers of myself…WHY?

Home is somewhere that I’ve created over 20 plus years with my husband and my children.  It’s the structural building, the smell, the energy and so much more that I can’t even pinpoint but it’s the feeling of home and I know it when I’m in it, it embodies all of me.   This I love but here’s the thing….Home is such a comfy place for me where all my old ways of being are thrown all over the place and are gently worn and beautifully broken in that I can just throw anything on and be that there.

When carving out new grooves and new powerful 54 year old ways of being, home is not the easiest place for me to be.  It’s easy for me to slide into old ways of being, it’s easy for me to feel the comforts of home and say fuck it.  It’s easy for me to forget how powerful and courageous I felt in my skin just hours ago in conversation with an old friend about what’s happening in my world.   It’s kinda crazy but true for me.

Where do I go from here?  How do I combine the comforts of my home and the people in it with all the erupting deep levels of myself?

The funny part is…..the net is there, always has been.  My family has been standing with their hands waving in the air yelling JUMP! JUMP! for years.  And every time I do it not only feels fucking amazing but it gives my world (them) permission to do the same.   This is why we’re here!

If not now….when?

Dear Friends;
I’m on a mission.  
I’m on a mission to live full out.  ​
I’m on a mission to unravel from this tightly bound spool that no longer serves me.
Unraveling takes something, it takes playing full out, it takes tuning into oneself, it takes a shit ton of courage and love.
And I’m clear that I’ve got what it takes.
YES!! and Hello to all of my friends and family from many different circles of my world: work, play, blood, love, learning, serving me drinks, party people, clients, high school, employees, the people who make my pizza, yoga teachers, yoga buds, biz owners and everyone else out here.
No, I haven’t been hit on the head by a blunt object or been slipped a mickey….something has shifted (and this time I don’t feel like I have to figure it out🤔)and I’m exploding with excitement like a cooped up puppy who just heard the key hit the door handle.   I can’t find enough ways to share the love with my world🌎.
I’ve discovered lately that I AM a force to be reckoned with💪.  I AM lit up🎇 and all in in this game called life.  My jam is empowering others and standing for them to have their all.  People seeking PEACE, CHANGE and newfound BIGness within themselves is my strength💪. My philosophy is: If you change your story, you change your life.  BOOM!🎇 Cut and dry baby.
I AM a round-house kick to the reality check for women.  We are and are supposed to be evolving, ever changing beings.  Why then, sweet Jesus, are some of us buying into the reality that we’re supposed to stay the same and that change is something out of the ordinary?   I’m talking about the push to keep the sameness alive in our physicality, in our ways of loving, our ways of what we like, who we get to be, food, sex and purpose!!  Look, our environment is changing every second of every day….tell me, why is it that you think you need to try and stop the hands of time and be the same.  Change is your birthright babe.  Change, when embraced with truth, is so SEXY!
Here’s the deal:
You’re a FREEDOM & JOY seeker…it’s in your DNA.  When you’re not feeling freedom and/or joy in your life..the lights start flashing and you begin seeking outside of yourself…it’s what we humans do.   I know you’ve heard this before but I’m going to tell you again….Your FREEDOM and your JOY come from within yourself.  If you’re looking for a quick fix or a blow by blow how to……you won’t find it here.
What I do have to offer you is a powerful space of listening, questions that you’ve probably never been asked or never paid attention to and a strong stand for you… creating a life that matches your truest truth, the real authentic you.
This is my energy, this is how I roll in life, this way of being is my feel good.  I love powerfully listening, I love allowing my spontaneous, mind blowing, life changing inquiries to fly out of my head/heart and into a conversation.   This is my purpose.  I love putting myself out into the world like a mad woman.  I’m clear that I may be too much for some and not enough for others and I get that……that right there is not my focus, my focus is playing all in and attracting my tribe, my people.
You can’t give away what you don’t have.  The Universe responds with the same energy you put out.  Give yourself love & respect
I AM seeking 4 women.  Ok, so that’s vague….You wanna hear more?
The 4 women I am seeking must be :1.  Between the ages of 25-95 years old  2. Craving change in a specific area of their life 3. Have access to an online video program (skype, facetime etc.) 4. Will commit to (3) ONE HOUR coaching sessions within a 30 day period  5. Be willing to spend  $250 in trade for a new sense of freedom within in the area of life you choose. 
If you’re downright, spot on YES and you know it…..give me a shout or find me faceburger.
If you’re still curious and feel like you need to ask more questions……find me on faceburger and we’ll get that convo going.
What I guarantee within the parameters of my work is that you get empowered like never before, you get clear with what you want, create new possibilities that have been tucked away or never even thought of before and you experience BEing SEEN like never before.
Rattle my cage people!
I’m so ready for you!
So much love and more;
PS:  I admit….I got emoji happy….I seriously just found how to put them into emails…….Yeesh….what a time sucker!  XOXXO😄😍

Truth: I held a fart for an entire yoga class



It was brutal.  I  knew as I was setting up my mat and pissing my ground for my favorite spot in the room that this bubble of hotness was going to be a problem.

I got caught up in the chit chat per my usual and the next thing I knew class was starting.  Of course the teacher was going to start us in downward facing dog where I felt the air pocket gurgle down low in my pelvis as if to say “you better let me out now or I’m going to torture your ass (literally) for the next 75 minutes!!  I couldn’t do it especially because there was no music playing in the background yet….so there was hope in about 15 minutes.

I’ve always admired when others can just let them rip…you know when we’re instructed to just roll those thighs and buns right up over our mid-bodies into a plow pose or shoulder stand?  All of a sudden, in the dead silence mixed with a few groans you hear this p-p-l-l-a-t-t!   I always say…..YES!  finally..someone is breaking the silence and giving us all permission to fart at our leisure…but something happens and it’s almost like when you walk into a chicken coop and yell something loud or clap your hands…it gets dead silent and their little heads start jerking around until they’ve had enough and they start right back in where they left off.

And then of course I still get giggly silly inside!  What is it about farts?  Why is it so cute when we’re little, then it gets gross, then it gets embarrassing, and then sometimes funny, sometimes serious and it just keeps going on and on and on.  I want to be friends with my farts…..hell it’s me, well it’s my debris but still me!

I almost announced it after class when we were all mingling and getting our heads back on to face life outside the studio but I chickened out….you see, I want to blaze the trail for others who still give a silly shit about whether it’s cool to fart or not.   God bless those who were raised with the “fart ain’t no big deal” rule…like they don’t even exist.  My thinking was that if I was to bear my soul and admit my fart secret that most likely for me it would be conquered but I was also thinking of others who have probably held farts in for an entire yoga class too.

The worst part of this whole debacle is that I was totally unable to set an intention like I love to do before each class.  My practice tonight was all about keeping that bubble of old stale air packed nice and tight inside my butt cheeks.  Was it a waste?? Nah, because it inspired me to write this piece and now the whole world (or anybody reading this) can be free to fart around the yoga room (or wherever you are).

Namaste  and Fart On you Crazy Diamonds!


Being Ripe is your Right


I want to start a Ripe Revolution!   A movement that’s all about women being open and available to their calling in the mid-section of life.

I’m sure you’ve met or better yet you are a woman who’s asked herself:  Now What?  Is this it?  There’s something more I want to Be in this life but I’m not sure what?  Something is off?  What IS my purpose?

If you’re like me…I thought something was wrong, like…here I go…I’m being fickle, I’m bored, I can’t settle into anything, and the beat goes on.   That’s when I got super curious. Read More

Keep effing Going!



It’s my latest mantra…{Keep Going}.  I’m dancing with it and it’s doing a stellar job of keeping me in my game.

I notice daily where I get stopped in life, where I get small, where I don’t say, where I jump to easy street when in fact I say I want to expand in this beautifully wild ride called life.

I’m obsessed and committed to the bone to live a deliciously adventurous life with all of me experiencing all of what I’m here to experience without apologies.  So what happens when one is committed to this venture  you ask?   First and most of all you feel everything, the good, the bad and the UGLY! (Ha, as if there really is good and bad but that’s another blog)  And it’s all here in our faces to be either a lesson or a blessing….and you get to pick.

On my {Keep Going} venture I’ve found it’s important to be super aware of whether I’m pushing against (resistance) or just plain feeling the fear of moving past where I usually stop and high tail back to safe city where I know it’s warm and cozy.

I’ve discovered that as I continue to play with {Keep Going} I take whatever arena/situation I’m in (yoga pose, conversation, my own thoughts, my biz or my vision) and actually change the DNA of it and what I mean by that is this: if I ask a question that I’ve always wanted to ask but never did with someone…I can now take responsibility for taking that relationship to a whole new level, a whole new jumping off point and that’s so exciting and brings so much electricity and life to my table.

And it ain’t always peaches and cream people…..sometimes what was before I strapped on my {Keep Going} seemed like a comfy, “I’ve got this situation” and after the {Keep Going} it was no longer enjoyable, almost like it didn’t fit for me or the situation anymore.   The one thing you must prepare yourself for is ……Shit gets real (yup, this is what you want people) and by stepping up to the plate and {Keep Going} things WILL change….you just don’t know how they’ll change and this is where most of us STOP playing BIG and go HOME.

Remember this:  You agreed to come into this life however many years ago (input your age babe)…You have something BIG to offer your WORLD.  This BIGness is only discovered through you having gotten clear with your DESIRES (what lights you up and brings you to your knees with excitement ….OK maybe a lil’ exaggeration there but you get the drift) and YOU following the cues (desires) and YOU BEcoming all that you came here to BE.   The World is waiting, YOUR world is waiting and so ready for ALL of  you.

I wish for YOU all to try on your {Keep Going} even if, actually… especially if, it feels scary and exciting…this is when you know you’re ALIVE and fulfilling your contract.


Bow to your Sensei of Purpose

moi-blurEver wonder why you’re here?  Like…for realz, why are you here?  What is your purpose?  So I get deep every now and then…what can I say-cept the now’s are getting way more populated than the thens and that’s okay.  Hi, I’m Beth…and I’m a curious gawker.

Keep Going…….

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