For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a curious and (most of the time) fearless soul.


Now that I’ve got a few decades under my belt chock full of some pretty intense life lessons like: being a rebellious, crazy (and I mean wild child, put my ‘rents through the ringer kinda crazy) teenager, a mom 3 times over to 3 of the most audacious human beings on this planet, have a permanent suicide scar, been married, divorced, caught in an affair, hired, fired, married again to the real deal hunk o’ burnin’ love guy, launched a few kick ass businesses, jumped out of planes, spent a week at a nudist resort, ride my own Harley, throw pretty radical parties, cry super easy, love the smell of clean sweat, fantasize about doing a impromptu stand-up someday,  love to laugh ’til it hurts, feel sorry for people who don’t care for me, have battled love-hate relations with my beautiful body and claim yoga as my religion. I feel more in my skin and so awake than ever before it’s not even funny, except it is…really. I’m a soul-shaker for women, I ask questions that most people won’t and I’ve learned to say exactly what’s there and continue to sharpen that tool as I grow.


I’m known to be a powerful mirror for those that are ready to see their truest selves and at the same time I’m a mountain where you can hear your truest voice echo your utmost desires.

What I do best is gather people, bring a sense of bliss, peace and joy that they never knew existed and I get to watch them as they are reminded of their own natural beauty & ridiculous amounts of at their finger tips power.  This IS my Jam, my passion and one of my ace in the hole life purposes.  Join me, there are no coincidences and EVERYTHING happens for a reason……follow your YES.

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