Brand Spankin’ New Line-Up

Hey! Yo!  Let’s Catch up!
It’s been awhile since I’ve reached out to you and I feel like it’s time…..I’m all cozed up in on my perch on the couch watching the silouettes of neighbors walking their dogs + each other and digging the sounds of the crickets + other funky dusky insects feeling that sense of renewal coming on.
Freshy fresh happenings on the rise in my world and you’re prolly gonna find a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ in all this for yo’ self!   
New Yoga Offering
at True Center Yoga in Randolph
🔥Starting Monday September 2nd~9:30-10:45 a.m~ warm slow flow
🔥 Starting Friday September 6th…Make Yoga your happy-hour + unwind + refresh starting at 5pm in a 75 minute warm slow flow
at the Barnard Public Library
🔥Thursdays : Starting September 19th ~ 9:30-10:45 a.m ~
                                                warm slow flow 
                                                by donation only  
On the home (office) front
🔥Private Yoga!  This offering comes in a bundle of
          6 (1 hour) sessions that take place comfort of my
          home office here in Bethel.                           
        Intrigued?  Let’s talk.   I’ve got room for 2 new clients.
🔥Bodywork/Massage!  I’m coming on 20 years in this
           part of my practice and I’m in the best groove ever. 
           I’ve never been so clear, confident + open-hearted
           than I am right now.
           I continue to offer 60/75/90 minute sessions with a 
           super sweet spot for the mind-body connection.
Change Agent Sherpa!
🔥 Yeah, that’s it!  I could call it what I’ve been calling it for 5 years now which is COACH but nah! I decided with the help of a private yoga testimonial who coined me her (sherpa) + a convo with a colleague who’s dead set on calling me a (change agent).   So…why not!
🔥These sessions are 90 minutes.  They can be had
           face to face, Skype or on the phone.   
          Most clients are one and done with a few email
          follow ups.  Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! 
          You BE You and I BE Me. {most powerful base ever}
🔥One of my most favorite quotes when it comes to being a change agent sherpa is this from Glennon Doyle:    “Chin up beautiful.  You’re not struggling.  You are simply mid conquer.”
Ok then……that’s all I’ve got for you today.  Here’s to soaking up whatever it was that moved you this weekend + releasing whatever the hell didn’t because that’s what we get to do…we choose…always.
It’s all about perspective baby! 👇
Whether on your mat, on my table, on the phone, in my house, on the street or just passing by….Just know…I see you + I love you!
to life;


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