Well hellooooo JULY!
Summertime where the livin’ is easy….Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime…ain’t no cure for the summertime blues……YEAH…all of that, all of this!
We’re in New England where it’s our time for ABUNDANCE….the BOUNTY of all things mean + green!
Ok, bottom line….here’s my fuck it list: (and in no particular order..just here to experience it happening)
🔥I use every ounce of my mojo to contribute to my world in some of the wildest, loving, generous + crazy ways before I exit.   Another words…I leave on E!
🔥Everyone in my world understands fully the impact they have/have had in my life (because I love telling you)
🔥I love so deep that when I’m in Bali with Michael Franti doing yoga and drinking a Mai tai that my kids can feel it in their bones where ever they might be.
🔥I am a world class money magnet {because I LOVE the feeling that comes from having an abundance of 🤑….can you say F.R.E.E.D.O.M?…. HOT🔥 + IMPORTANT POINT right here 👉: it’s not the money but the feeling I embody from having shit tons of it….let me say that again:  I LOVE THE FEELING THAT COMES FROM HAVING AN ABUNDANCE OF MOOLA!  
You see….I used to be shy + ashamed to even think this way….I mean, I’m kind of a hippy type gal that “should” be living off of love and sponge cake, yes?!  It’s not spiritual and cool to desire that dirty paper stuff …..
*input buzzer!   I fucking love the feeling that comes from having an ABUNDANCE of money…..
I’m such a believer in this practice we call LIFE and really feel like I’ve discovered the key to FREEDOM and each of ours looks drastically different (such a beautiful thing)….
I’m IN!  I’m committed to being the recipient of 10 G’s….(somebody has to do it, right 😁)
It’s fucking scary to claim this…especially to you all here on my email lists…..I mean, what if, what if……
yeah, nope *input another fucking buzzer!   It’s already on the way!  I can feel it!  Like…I really feel it…you know, those feelings I explained to you above 👆when I have an abundance of money and I get all googley.
This is a big deal for me to go public with this.  There’s FEAR and the big cock blocker and then there’s FEAR and FUCK it do it anyways.   Not sure if it’s an age thing or just being a well seasoned women on this earth 🌎 (quite frankly it doesn’t matter) I’m feeling more sure than ever that this life we are living is meant to be (mostly) with ease, abundant with love + fun……I think we’ve been rockin’ the wrong casbah and making it way to hard for ourselves.
If you see me……please ask me my current most feared question….”How’s that 10K rolling for you Beth?” 
I can’t wait to tell you where it’s at.
What am I up to this summer you ask?   Pssshhht….Massages, Coaching, Yoga classes public: (Wednesday 5:15pm; Saturday 8:30 a.m and more to come) also offering private yoga sessions on demand,  Meditation at NOON on Wednesdays and I’m even cleaning a few houses here and there.
802-234-6648 or right here on email works too.
Bringing the love, taking up lots of space + doing my utmost to keep it real;
PS: check this from one of my favorite books ever…BIG Magic by elizabeth gilbert


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