I had my hubby take this pic when we were on vacation because when i’m on vacation loaded with the feelings of freedom, adventure, joy and excitement my desire(ability) is so {on}! This pic is a clear reminder of my desire for traveling, teaching, connecting and making a HUGE diff & impact in the world. Guess what? It’s working! I’m doing it all!

What happens when we say No? Ok, yup, it’s a distinct boundary which can be crucial to growth….ok, anything else? yup, we stop the flow of whatever it is we’re saying no to….anything else? You! you over there with your hand in the air….whatcha got? YES! what? I couldn’t hear that…..”DESIRE can’t flow with a NO!”

Emily and I have been priming the pump with our latest workshop and it’a all about DESIRE! Sounds steamy right? Maybe it sounds overwhelming or out of your reach for now…..Guess what? Everything you do comes from some sort of desirous flame and the beauty of this factoid is that you get to turn it up (or down) as you choose. You see, most people think desires are things, ways of being or hot steamy sex…..don’t get me wrong , desiring can result in things, ways of being and hot steamy sex but here’s the thing we want you to get: DESIRE is the vessel, the conduit, the tube if you will that embodies all the feels you experience when you are thinking about something that brings you joy, pleasure or excitement.

The workshop is a container for you to reclaim, rekindle, redirect, fire up, remember your DESIRE vessel… It is said that Desire often arises from an unconscious place. This means that our desires choose us. Having desire results in a strong yearning for something, whether it is an event, person or thing. Surrendering to them simply means the act of stopping the fight for desire. If you surrender to desire, it means allowing something to happen. Surrendering to desire is not about not taking action, it is about allowing things to unfold in a natural way, trusting the universe with the outcome.

Now I’ve said enough….if you feel the pull…I advise you to follow it…for this is your desire vessel summoning you to look this way…like a kid grabbing your finger and saying “over here, just come look, I want you to see this”.

The workshop deets: Place: True Center Yoga Randolph Vermont When: Saturday March 16th 3:30-7:30pm {Apres workshop Desirous catered food, wine and chocolate too.} Cost: $75 inclusive of 4hour workshop plus dynamite post party. Need more info? email beth: bethumba@gmail.com Don’t need any more info and you want to get your space solidified (as we are capping it off at 25)? Do it here: https://www.truecenteryoga.com/prices

Come build your DESIRE muscle with us through sacred circling, yoga (for all levels), journey dance (no experience necessary AT ALL) and food and spirits following the event. The sisterhood alone is worth it’s weight in Platinum!

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