2019…the year of the belly~


Your body, the container for your soul, love her.

Hello Lovelies;

I’m in my element these days mustering up all the good juju I can about my upcoming workshop for women and how to activate their power, creativity, beauty and life experience via a new relationship with their bellies.  (It’s so BIG that I even struggle to fit all that it is in one sentence! Ahhhhhhh)

I’ve always been intrigued with women’s relationships with their bellies…I mean I’ve had my own struggles as a tween, teen, twenty-something, thirty-something and forty-something with mine. I’ve sucked it in, crunched it out, shamed the shit out of it and wished it away on and off over the years.  I’m certainly NOT making myself wrong for doing and being who I was and am….no way! For it is within the struggle that has allowed me to show up the way I do now and want to change the world via women and their bellies.

Think about it….what’s the part of your body that you don’t want anyone to see?  Most women I’ve talked with would much rather have their ass or breasts exposed in front of a large audience before their belly…and some have never comfortably exposed their bellies to their intimate partners!  And yet, it’s our second brain, our gut feelings, our gestation station,  and it’s our home of assimilation and filters……and yet we continue to numb it and send it packing.

Yes, there’s so much there, right?!  And yet…our belly area is the center of ourselves or we can easily say.. the center of the Universe.  Say it!  My Belly is my Center!  It is the central hub of my BEing!  It connects North to South, East to West and intake to outbound.  ALL OF IT!   And still it’s hidden, it’s stowed away, protected, stuffed into garments that suffocate it and left to just feel inadequate and ashamed of.   Let’s be real here ladies…….it’s all of this!


What if I told you that as you free and love your belly that your life subsequently feels free and full of love?

What if I told you that your intuition, your all knowing as the woman that you are sharpens and it’s voice comes back into the forefront when you honor, nurture and free all beliefs and restraints around your belly?

What if I told you that when allowing yourself to crack open in a space with other women you give them the permission to do the same.  And oh how this world is craving that.

What if I told you that your belly houses both the 2nd & 3rd chakras?  Big stuff happens in this area:  Second chakra is the powerhouse for our emotional body, sensuality and creativity (pretty much the strong suit of being a woman)  and the Third chakra houses the energy of  personal power, self-esteem and confidence.   Mutha Flippin’ dynamic duo right there!

What if I told you that you really don’t need me to tell you or convince you of anything….that you already know that your life would be so different if you understood, appreciated, unleashed, loved and freed your belly.  Right now…what state of being is your belly in?  Can you feel into this center?  Are you breathing into this center like we were born to ?  How would it feel if you were to unveil her and let her be in her maybe soft, curvy, hairy, stretch-marky, concave, tight, loose beauty?


Yeah…that!  If by reading that last paragraph you just experienced fear + excitement that’s perfect!  That’s your sign to join yogini extraordinaire Emily Harvey Dooley , intuitive energy therapist Pamela Busby, Joni White-Hansenand I on Saturday January 12th from 1-6pm at The Women’s Room for a day of honoring, embellishing, exposing, breathing, seeing, being seen and fine tuning into your own divine frequency through circle, sharing, yoga, energy healing, journey dancing and nourishment.

We guarantee that we’ll create a clearing for all women who partake in our workshop to be able to see themselves, feel themselves and show up in more of who they truly desire to be.  Your center will be fortified, nurtured and loved on like never before.  You will create new bonds with each other that will last a lifetime.   This is huge and so necessary in our world today.  Our center is our light!  How do we ever expect to live full on in all of our desired opportunities if we hide our light?


We have room for 14 women.  The fee is just $119. If you have a belly this is for you.  The workshop energy starts when you say yes and sign up.  We’ll create a private facebook page exclusively for the women as they register.  We know that partaking in a workshop like this takes something….it takes guts and a big desire to live LARGE!

belly at womens roomTanya Markul: thug unicorn

Are you IN?

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