Step In, Rise Up & Root Down in Vermont

Womens retreat

Dear Wild Eyed Sisterhood;

The time has come to gather in the lush mountains of Vermont.  How do I know it’s time?  I work with the power of 3’s and I’ve been hit by the love bomb of way more than three amazing women asking when can they gather with other sisters and dive in, root down and rise up together…so I’m answering the call.

The gathering this year will be held in Bolton at the Lotus Mountain Retreat all day Saturday November 18th.  The flavor of this retreat is all about stepping into the woman you desire to be with all of your guts & glory.  If you’re a woman who is feeling the itch to step into more of who you are even if your heart is thumping through your chest and the thought of it scares the life out of you…this is your opportunity to step in, rise up and root down into your very next desired layer of Self.

This retreat is for you if :

  • you’re ready and open to explore who you are on a much deeper level than ever before.
  • have questioned your passion and desires and are ready to rediscover what they are and bring them to the surface so they can be seethat
  • you thrive on being in a community of other women who are ready to open up and transform
  • you’re not afraid to feel vulnerable, speak your truth, connect with other women, trust the process of the day that we are co-creating for you.
  • you know how you want to feel in your skin every damn day and you are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen
  • you want to fall in love with yourself again exactly the same way you did when you came into this life.

Check out the facilitators of this transformational day:

Em pic

I’m honored to welcome Emily Harvey Dooley.  For nearly 16 years, Emily has been utilizing massage, energy work and yoga to hold space for others.  Her intention is to remind people to return to gratitude and presence within their bodies and to help open their awareness to their deep connection with source energy.  In 2001 Emily completed her training at the Green Mountain Institute for integrative bodywork in Bennington Vermont.  Since then she has worked full time in this field and has continued to add depth to her work through training and hands on experience.  In 2015 after a lifetime of practicing yoga she completed a 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher training at Honest Yoga in Burlington Vermont.  Emily is passionate about her path in life and truly enjoys helping to bring people into the present moment through touch and movement.  She is a conduit, creator of magical moments, seeker of silver linings, lover of life, adoring wife and proud mother of 3 wonderful boys.


562096_4183988647402_1705315550_n (1)

I’d also like to welcome Joni White-Hansen.   Joni is a lover of dance, yoga, play, nature, art, community and an adventurer of the inner landscapes of the body, mind and spirit. Joni is a JourneyDance Facilitator, Yoga Dance Teacher, Art and Enrichment Educator and CIrcus Artist in Residence.  Joni finds joy while inspiring others to tap into their divine, beautiful and playful selves; encouraging one’s own inquiry in discovering their true magnificence and authenticity.  Passionate in celebrating connection of the heart while becoming deeply embodied, Joni invites vitality and joy while creating sacred space through dance.  She believes weaving ritual and intention through dance offers opportunities for transformation and self awakening, inviting gateways for the heart and body to enter into a deep creative process.



And then there’s me, Beth Umba, woman on a mission, party/gathering planner extraordinaire, coach for women, mama, bodywork therapist, lover and in constant pursuit of BE-ing a space of love for what is so in every present moment. I love being cause in the matter when it comes to personal transformation and BEing that space for others to remember their deepest, most born with desires as they allow them to come out and be seen.  My jam is free lance inquiry…when I allow myself to be curious and free with others I give them permission to do the same.

I am committed to bringing my whole self: heart, soul, body and mind to the retreat (hell I’ve already jumped in….feet first and hands in the air)  I am committed to you getting what you need as a woman who has registered and is ready to dive deep, get out of your head and into your body and share yourself with the perfect combination of sisters that will show up with you.  My desire is for all women to do whatever it is they need to get themselves to Bolton and as soon as they are registered….BOOM!  the journey begins. I see women sharing, feeling vulnerable, feeling safe, being seen, connecting, laughing, crying, loving, realizing, remembering, amazed and leaving the day feeling empowered, validated in a way they’ve never been before.

Are you ready to claim your place in sisterhood?

tie die website

Please email me at: if you have any questions.

If you’re ready to jump in and join your sisters you can do so by hitting the button below.    BE IN COMMUNICATION THOUGH AS WE ALREADY HAVE WOMEN REGISTERING….NO PROCRASTINATING, JUMP IF YOU’RE FEELING IT……LET YOUR HEART LEAD THIS ONE.

We have space for 40 women….will you be one of them?

huge PS: this retreat is for all who identify as a woman, all beautiful body sizes and shapes, whether or not you’ve ever done yoga or journey dance before…this is for you if you’re feeling the excitement and fear as you read through the offering.  Do yourself a favor and Step In, Rise Up and Root Down….you will be glad you did..we promise. 

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