What if nobody comes to my party?


21533896_10155530705771181_309438216_o*The pic is of my beautiful granddaughter Lilly and it represents for me, what it might feel like if nobody came to my party (and that’s the kicker…it’s never happened I’ve just been living life in fear of nobody coming!)  Enjoy my story and I invite you to consider coming to my party…..I want you there!  All of you!


Recently I discovered how “what if nobody comes to my party” ruled my world in so many ways.  Of course I love parties, I love to have them, go to them, read about them, dream about them and live them.

A few weekends ago I made the declaration that I want to become more of a leader in my world.  I want to lead like I mean it, make a difference, be the contribution I came here to be and feel it down deep in my bones.  It’s kinda crazy and powerful what happens when you declare something like this in a room full of 70+ people who will inevitably hold me accountable.  Onward…….

Fast forward a week, still holding true to being a leader and making magic happen throughout the week.  I totally stepped up to the plate and got a hold of a group of people that I meet with every week and upped the ante with my leadership hat on, I had conversations with clients that ordinarily don’t happen such as inviting them to come more often or referring them to another bodyworker because I don’t think I’m the best fit.   Yeah…..that happened too.  It’s kinda cool to watch life unravel while you have your eye on who you are creating yourself to be.  It’s called living intentionally.

Quick story: I attended a wedding last weekend where a women (that I didn’t even know) came up to me and said ” you’re Beth, I knew this was you!  You’re amazing and I love and follow your blog!”  (hello kick in the pants…time to blog)  First of all I felt bashful and felt myself wanting to get real small and vanish in the dance floor and thank goodness I stuck out the hip hop and you don’t stop step and received that shit….because…guess what??  This fits into who I am creating myself to be….a leader!  Hellz yes!

The night got even better for me.  I enjoyed myself to the nines, drank just enough, ate just enough and laughed a ton…no limits on that.   I enjoyed dancing with my guy and going home with just enough energy and clarity that I slept like a babe.  I felt fantastic when I got up.  I headed out to my Sunday yoga class and on the way I was totally struck by the buzz of just how fabulous my life is, just how amazing I felt in my skin, just how grateful I am for this body to be able to have fun, get a lil’ crazy and get up and flow in my yoga class.  I was literally moved to tears.  I got to yoga and had to share what came to me on the ride over and this is what makes it real, this is what makes it so it stays…I BE-come this, I AM this.

This is powerful people!  I want for everyone to take the opportunity that we all have to experience this feeling and create a life for themselves that feels no less than stellar.   We aren’t here to suffer.  Suffering is a hint, it’s a sign that you’re headed in a direction that doesn’t serve your true, bone deep desires.  We are ALL freedom seekers and we all feel freedom so vastly different.

I am inviting you to my party! You, Yes..you!!

I’ve co-created an event that’s happening this coming November 18th in Bolton at the Lotus Mountain Retreat Center.  Women Unravel into their Wholeness: Come & Remember your Fierce, Funky and Freedom.   This is a day long event that will include yoga, journey dance, exploration, connection, delicious meals, transformation and a clearing for all women to discover or rediscover who they are, why they’re here and where they’re going with an emphasis on Fierce, Funky and Freedom.   It’s exactly what’s necessary as we head into the fall/winter….we get in our bodies, experience all that is, and leave the day with a newfound sense of self.

The cost is $155 inclusive of deliciously prepared organic vegan meals and a whole day with myselfEmily Harvey Dooley and Toni Bergins.   I know I want you to come to the party…the question is…will you come to the party?


I’ll be creating a facebook event page real soon with more details (if you need them…’cause you probably already know you wanna go :))

Stay tuned and keep your party alive…invite us in!

with love and so much more;


One Comment on “What if nobody comes to my party?

  1. Hi Beth….What a totally cool sounding event. Thanks for including me. This is right after I return from India. I am going to hold off committing to anything for a bit. Got to see how I land first. Do keep me posted of all your awesome offerings. All Love, Syl​


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