What if….


As I sit here in my kitchen with an abundance of creative energy just buzzing around my body…it feels like and seems like I can’t figure out where to go with it.


Is it my job to “figure” this out?  What if I just let it have it’s way with me?  What if I just watched it buzz and dance in my face?  What if I moved however the flip I am moved to move with it?  What if I was to ignore it?

I used to call this my “cat on a hot tin roof” mode as if something was wrong with me because I couldn’t funnel my energy into just one thing…..’cause we’re here to be good at one thing and run with it, right?!  Ha! NOPE.

I’m noticing now more than ever how much information there is out there in the world via conversations, social media, billboards (not in Vermont though) and it’s all outside stimulation.   I have to check myself at the door when I’m being immersed in new information or the latest and greatest invention ever or the best feel good juice out there or do this now and don’t do that or the eat this, not that……you catch my drift.

What happened to my inner compass that knows me better than any new found information out there?  The True North that is created by how I love to feel in my bones,  in my body, every dang day….yeah, that True North.   How can I be true to mySelf through all this outside stimulation?

This is NO mystery to me…it’s what happens when I hand myself over to wanting what I think I should want or whatever other people want or what others think I should want or how about just throwing myself out there just because I don’t want to be responsible for the choices I make?   There is nothing wrong here and there is NOTHING to fix…but here’s the thing……following that inner niggling of desire that lives at the core of my being is pertinent to living my life full on and out…..FACT!

What I’ve created thus far is the ultimate stage for me to BE in the space of tuning in and following my ever lovin’ bliss.   Check this out:  I’m self employed, I’ve got an imagination that makes Disney look kinda silly and I’ve got peeps in my life that reflect back to me the same love and trust I put out AND most importantly I’ve got all the money & love in the world invested in that the sweet Universe has always, always, always…got my back. (That my friends, never waivers…..the rest of the stuff might but that……Nevaaaa!

And I bet you wanna know what is at the core of this groovy, creative energy that is whirling around my body like a meteor shower is all about, don’t you?  I’d feel like I was ripping you off if I didn’t share this with you….here’s what’s bubbling and I can’t wait to see where it takes me:  Guiding Women back to their True North, Yoga Teacher Training, Home Infusions: Cleaning, Clearing and Infusing your Living Space, More Yoga, Online Group Coaching on how your relationship with Money and Sex are intertwined, buying a new home, creating a local Ya Ya Sisterhood, Morning Confessions: Share your shit and be free.

What if all of these exciting to me ideas came to be?  What if they all just stayed as thoughts and buzzy ideas?   What if something BIGGER than all of this is hanging in the ethers behind these ideas just waiting for me to experience it?  What the flip if?

What if this is exactly what you needed to read today?

Oh God, do I love you!


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