We’ve got one shot…no skimpin’!

double nickels coming atcha

I opened my eyes this morning at 6:17 a.m  coincidence? Nope…nevaaaa!  Signs…always signs…it’s what happens every single solitary day if I commit to being open to seeing them.

So yeah….it’s my birthday.  I was born 55 years ago….double nickels baby.  I thought, what better day to spring outta bed and welcome myself into this brand spankin’ new year?  A cuppa bullet proof coffee, a camera to take a fresh outta bed selfie and reach out~n~share with you, my world.

There is something to be said about the clarity, the confidence and the rooted-ness that comes with becoming so sweetly seasoned with time.  Years are just measures of time and we use numbers to keep track but really…it’s all just time.  And what is time?  It’s something we made up.  Why?  I guess it serves us in more ways than it doesn’t…. after all, it is just a space that we live into until we don’t, right?


As I celebrate and shimmy into more of my birth-rite freedom panties I want to take this moment to thank YOU, yeah YOU and you and you and you…..all of you!  For we can only grow and evolve as quickly as our chosen community and I gotta say that I’m loving this pace with you.  I get to see me in you and you get to see you in me.  If you’re reading this we are connected and this is you as well….some way, some how it fits somewhere into your world otherwise you wouldn’t be right here, right now.

As I embark on this 55 years + adventure I’m lovin’ a little deeper, embracing every ounce of my being from my well earned crows feet & laugh lines to my hammer toes on my callused up soles of my feet and every stinkin’ part of me in between.   I am who I believe myself to be and my body is following suit.  I don’t fear death but I’m the biggest fan of leaving no stone un-turned and riding this wild & magical mystery tour until I’m feeling done.  There’s something extraordinary about being a woman in her middlessence….the whirling vortex of creative energy that continues to sing within &  is always ready to be utilized as soon as I say so, the new found freedom I get to experience in my skin that continues to blow me away daily, some of the most solid & grounded feet on the earth and the keenest sense of intuition I’ve ever had.

Not too many people know this but a woman in her middlessent years is a force not to be reckoned with.  She’s a wheelhouse of creative energy and has the opportunity to take life by the ever lovin’s and utilize the freedom that she embodies in her physical self and go out into her world and evolve into her next layer with grace, style and ease.  We all get this chance to BE-come in our middlessence.  What the world needs now are more women to break trail and break through the old molds and beliefs of winding down, fading out and settling into and preparing for “old age”.  This is the work I dig.  This is what I teach.  This is what I live.

From a song by Mt. Wolf called Burgs:  “it’s just that we get so messy, it’s not that we are doing lots of wrong things, our mind is so messy we don’t keep things simple and we end up making the life that we are living, so in-ordinarily complicated, completely unnecessary and it’s such a shame to end up feeling in a real muddle, while actually, you ought to be having the time of your lives.  It doesn’t actually take much to make the deepest part of us incredibly happy.”

I heart you so BIG you can’t even imagine and that’s just the way I like it!

Celebrate it ALL & Happy New Year!



PS: Here’s a fun fact that oughta make you wanna bust a move (it did for me):  Scientists estimate the probability of your being born at about one in 400 trillion.  What are you doing to celebrate being alive today?  Get out there and Get it! 



4 Comments on “We’ve got one shot…no skimpin’!

  1. Beth, this post is what I woke up to this morning. I am filled with gratitude that we are connected and know it is not by accident. You are the essence of uniqueness. You are an inspiration and I love that you are real. I love your boldness. You just being you reminds me to just be me. Welcome to 55 and so alive. I love you SM-G


    • Ahhh yes, I love that we are connected too. You’re awake and alive and feeling it all. This is life in a nutshell…ain’t it great!?!?I love you right back!


    • Thanks Les!
      Oh my is this life! I’m onto something BIG here….I can feel it! ❤


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