How does your Flow Go?


And then there’s today!

The other day I blogged about playing with the idea that All is really well, that there’s nothing to fix and everything is exactly how it is and it’s just abso perfect.  Hell, it’s a new way of being so of course it was a chore to stay “in it” but what I got reacquainted with was my ever lovin’ flow.

Flow!  Let me share my rendition of flow.  When I’m in my flow it feels like this:  I’m in  a big beautiful kayak, hands in the air, effortlessly with grace and ease flowing in a crystal clear body of water, thrill bumps abundant and  a strong desire to capture the moment right then and there.

Another common example of feeling in my flow is when I’m laughing with someone and realize halfway through how much I enjoy them and their existence. I’ll catch my breath, wipe my eyes and feel like I just fell that much more in love with them and life in that moment.   I.L.O.V.E.T.H.A.T.F.E.E.L.I.N.G!

Flow is something that I can access when I’m in my body, like really present, not with huge effort either…..just saying so and feeling with all my senses.  We all have access to this flow.  We’ve all experienced this flow.

Today I have a full schedule filled with some of my favorite things to do…a beautiful mixture of coaching and bodywork …I so love that feeling and the life that I’ve created.  I’ve decided to take on another day (today) and dedicate it to that flow that feels so effing amazing.

I would love to hear from you and how your flow goes.  How do you access your flow?

Take some time and open the windows of your mind and air that baby out …unravel & unleash it and see what happens.

And as always….I HEART you BIG!

P.S:  I’m totally okay with admitting to you that I’m a FLOW ADDICT!  Come with me!




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