If not now….when?

Dear Friends;
I’m on a mission.  
I’m on a mission to live full out.  ​
I’m on a mission to unravel from this tightly bound spool that no longer serves me.
Unraveling takes something, it takes playing full out, it takes tuning into oneself, it takes a shit ton of courage and love.
And I’m clear that I’ve got what it takes.
YES!! and Hello to all of my friends and family from many different circles of my world: work, play, blood, love, learning, serving me drinks, party people, clients, high school, employees, the people who make my pizza, yoga teachers, yoga buds, biz owners and everyone else out here.
No, I haven’t been hit on the head by a blunt object or been slipped a mickey….something has shifted (and this time I don’t feel like I have to figure it out🤔)and I’m exploding with excitement like a cooped up puppy who just heard the key hit the door handle.   I can’t find enough ways to share the love with my world🌎.
I’ve discovered lately that I AM a force to be reckoned with💪.  I AM lit up🎇 and all in in this game called life.  My jam is empowering others and standing for them to have their all.  People seeking PEACE, CHANGE and newfound BIGness within themselves is my strength💪. My philosophy is: If you change your story, you change your life.  BOOM!🎇 Cut and dry baby.
I AM a round-house kick to the reality check for women.  We are and are supposed to be evolving, ever changing beings.  Why then, sweet Jesus, are some of us buying into the reality that we’re supposed to stay the same and that change is something out of the ordinary?   I’m talking about the push to keep the sameness alive in our physicality, in our ways of loving, our ways of what we like, who we get to be, food, sex and purpose!!  Look, our environment is changing every second of every day….tell me, why is it that you think you need to try and stop the hands of time and be the same.  Change is your birthright babe.  Change, when embraced with truth, is so SEXY!
Here’s the deal:
You’re a FREEDOM & JOY seeker…it’s in your DNA.  When you’re not feeling freedom and/or joy in your life..the lights start flashing and you begin seeking outside of yourself…it’s what we humans do.   I know you’ve heard this before but I’m going to tell you again….Your FREEDOM and your JOY come from within yourself.  If you’re looking for a quick fix or a blow by blow how to……you won’t find it here.
What I do have to offer you is a powerful space of listening, questions that you’ve probably never been asked or never paid attention to and a strong stand for you… creating a life that matches your truest truth, the real authentic you.
This is my energy, this is how I roll in life, this way of being is my feel good.  I love powerfully listening, I love allowing my spontaneous, mind blowing, life changing inquiries to fly out of my head/heart and into a conversation.   This is my purpose.  I love putting myself out into the world like a mad woman.  I’m clear that I may be too much for some and not enough for others and I get that……that right there is not my focus, my focus is playing all in and attracting my tribe, my people.
You can’t give away what you don’t have.  The Universe responds with the same energy you put out.  Give yourself love & respect
I AM seeking 4 women.  Ok, so that’s vague….You wanna hear more?
The 4 women I am seeking must be :1.  Between the ages of 25-95 years old  2. Craving change in a specific area of their life 3. Have access to an online video program (skype, facetime etc.) 4. Will commit to (3) ONE HOUR coaching sessions within a 30 day period  5. Be willing to spend  $250 in trade for a new sense of freedom within in the area of life you choose. 
If you’re downright, spot on YES and you know it…..give me a shout or find me faceburger.
If you’re still curious and feel like you need to ask more questions……find me on faceburger and we’ll get that convo going.
What I guarantee within the parameters of my work is that you get empowered like never before, you get clear with what you want, create new possibilities that have been tucked away or never even thought of before and you experience BEing SEEN like never before.
Rattle my cage people!
I’m so ready for you!
So much love and more;
PS:  I admit….I got emoji happy….I seriously just found how to put them into emails…….Yeesh….what a time sucker!  XOXXO😄😍

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