Sometimes you just gotta go Upside down

Life…..some days it feels smooth like butta and other days I wonder who the fuck am I, where the fuck am I and certainly where the fuck am I going. This slump is no stranger to me ….I… Read More

How does your Flow Go?

And then there’s today! The other day I blogged about playing with the idea that All is really well, that there’s nothing to fix and everything is exactly how it is and it’s just abso perfect.  Hell, it’s… Read More

Home: Comfy vs. Launching Pad

We often think of home as a place we can go to and be ourselves.  It’s true…it does bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to the forefront.  But……it can also dim down the changes you’ve worked hard… Read More

If not now….when?

Dear Friends; I’m on a mission.   I’m on a mission to live full out.  ​ I’m on a mission to unravel from this tightly bound spool that no longer serves me. Unraveling takes something, it takes playing… Read More