Being Ripe is your Right


I want to start a Ripe Revolution!   A movement that’s all about women being open and available to their calling in the mid-section of life.

I’m sure you’ve met or better yet you are a woman who’s asked herself:  Now What?  Is this it?  There’s something more I want to Be in this life but I’m not sure what?  Something is off?  What IS my purpose?

If you’re like me…I thought something was wrong, like…here I go…I’m being fickle, I’m bored, I can’t settle into anything, and the beat goes on.   That’s when I got super curious.

Here’s the digs…we are human, we are supposed to be evolving…hell it’s said that every 7 years we do a complete overhaul in our body-skin, cells…everything!  Kinda like the 7 year itch philosophy?!?  What happens is that the women I know that have inquired about life and who they are, are in late 30’s -mid 60’s range they start looking at this shift like there is something wrong with them…then they look at their surrounding like partner, job, environment, circle of friends and they start doing whatever it is they need to do to feel comfortable in their own skin.  It’s called being human as we know it.  We do whatever it takes to feel better in our skin.

What I want every woman to know is that “You’re Here!”  This is a rite of passage that hardly anyone ever talks about.   You’re exactly where you need to be….even if you don’t know  what the fuck that looks like.

My philosophy on this is:  as women we are the master creators of human life.  We have a brilliantly alive creative center….you know …one that can move  mountains and make colossal things happen in this life!  When we move on in our years we start losing the ability to create and grow human lives naturally, yes?  So what happens in that creative center?  The energy is still alive….maybe some parts are removed and maybe not but the creative energy of that center is alive until our last breath.

We all want to belong to something.  We all want to make a difference.  We all want to be seen. (I know…my truth, not necessarily yours but I would be up for a conversation about this over a couple of dirty martini’s and sardines if you’d like).  If you are still with me, ask yourself Who Am I?  Do I dig Be-ing me?  Is who I’m being and what I’m donating my time to moving me and bringing a lil’ skip to my step?    These questions are not for wusses…..they are for women who are done settling, who are done living a mediocre life, who are wanting more because they already love who they are and want more of it times ten.

Embarking on this journey of discovering your desires is powerful and just by playing around with the idea of it your life begins to shift.  It’s not about burning your bra (unless that’s your jam) or leaving your partner or trying to fix your workplace, it’s about digging deep, becoming comfortable being uncomfortable, mother flippin’ trusting the process and BE-coming and honoring your next stage of ripeness.

What’s whirl-winding in your creative center?  Discover your Desires…what moves you to more aliveness?   Follow the breadcrumbs of your desires….live and roll in the breadcrumbs and the path and let the sweet Universe deliver the goods.

Being Ripe is your Right and it’s so Hot!  #makebeingripeyourright #ripeisthenewblack




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