Keep effing Going!



It’s my latest mantra…{Keep Going}.  I’m dancing with it and it’s doing a stellar job of keeping me in my game.

I notice daily where I get stopped in life, where I get small, where I don’t say, where I jump to easy street when in fact I say I want to expand in this beautifully wild ride called life.

I’m obsessed and committed to the bone to live a deliciously adventurous life with all of me experiencing all of what I’m here to experience without apologies.  So what happens when one is committed to this venture  you ask?   First and most of all you feel everything, the good, the bad and the UGLY! (Ha, as if there really is good and bad but that’s another blog)  And it’s all here in our faces to be either a lesson or a blessing….and you get to pick.

On my {Keep Going} venture I’ve found it’s important to be super aware of whether I’m pushing against (resistance) or just plain feeling the fear of moving past where I usually stop and high tail back to safe city where I know it’s warm and cozy.

I’ve discovered that as I continue to play with {Keep Going} I take whatever arena/situation I’m in (yoga pose, conversation, my own thoughts, my biz or my vision) and actually change the DNA of it and what I mean by that is this: if I ask a question that I’ve always wanted to ask but never did with someone…I can now take responsibility for taking that relationship to a whole new level, a whole new jumping off point and that’s so exciting and brings so much electricity and life to my table.

And it ain’t always peaches and cream people…..sometimes what was before I strapped on my {Keep Going} seemed like a comfy, “I’ve got this situation” and after the {Keep Going} it was no longer enjoyable, almost like it didn’t fit for me or the situation anymore.   The one thing you must prepare yourself for is ……Shit gets real (yup, this is what you want people) and by stepping up to the plate and {Keep Going} things WILL change….you just don’t know how they’ll change and this is where most of us STOP playing BIG and go HOME.

Remember this:  You agreed to come into this life however many years ago (input your age babe)…You have something BIG to offer your WORLD.  This BIGness is only discovered through you having gotten clear with your DESIRES (what lights you up and brings you to your knees with excitement ….OK maybe a lil’ exaggeration there but you get the drift) and YOU following the cues (desires) and YOU BEcoming all that you came here to BE.   The World is waiting, YOUR world is waiting and so ready for ALL of  you.

I wish for YOU all to try on your {Keep Going} even if, actually… especially if, it feels scary and exciting…this is when you know you’re ALIVE and fulfilling your contract.


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