Bow to your Sensei of Purpose

moi-blurEver wonder why you’re here?  Like…for realz, why are you here?  What is your purpose?  So I get deep every now and then…what can I say-cept the now’s are getting way more populated than the thens and that’s okay.  Hi, I’m Beth…and I’m a curious gawker.

I’m a curious soul and I love, love, love to know what makes you tick.  What moves you to be who you are? Do you feel at home in your skin?  What are you here to make happen in this life? Those are just a few of the inside inquiries that float around my brain on a daily basis.

Ever since I can remember I was a gawker : someone who may or may not stare at other human beings out of pure curiosity and sometimes gets caught :).  I love to watch people BE, I love to watch people interact with one another, I love to watch PERIOD.  Family and friends give me shit about it to this day and continue to get busted because I get lost in the calming juju and delight of being a gawker and don’t mind saying so either.

I’m not sure about you but I remember being told that staring was rude.  “Don’t stare!, It’s not nice to stare!, Mind your own business!”…you get the drift.   I get it, I do although why wouldn’t we, being the humans that we are, check each other out?  Why wouldn’t we be interested in studying each other….we are the same species, aren’t we?

Recently I got really clear with what I’m committed to in this wild and beautiful life of mine and once I discovered it and the words felt so right and in perfect alignment it felt like the perfect snap & click of that long lost puzzle piece that’s finally been found and lodged into place.   My commitment is to BE a medium for all people in the world to experience their highest form of freedom to BE.  Through my born with and sometimes annoying way of being curious coupled with my keen sense of gawking skills I’ve created a consulting/coaching business, a way to fulfill my desire to get to know people and stand for them to experience their fullest expression of BE-ing themselves to the max.   Pretty much one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten clear with and done.

I’ve always been intrigued with the thought of having work feel like play and this is what I’ve created and am sitting in right now.   Who I get to be in this life as I serve my world feels like play because I’m utilizing ways of being that are not only innate and feel super natural, I get to use them and help others discover, get clear, decide and take powerful actions towards their own.   I.L.O.V.E.T.H.I.S.W.O.R.K.!

I happen to be offering some pretty sick specials  on this fabulous Small Business Saturday that you probably won’t be able to resist.  You can contact me through my site  or right here on good ol’ Facebook.    I look forward to meeting more ready to roll, discover, get clear and take action to make shit happen souls in my near future.   Is this you?

The Curious Gawker in me sees the Curious Gawker in You!

Be Seen….it’s why we’re here.

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