The Shit We Make Up


Ever notice when:

Somebody rolls their eyes at you

You’re talking to someone and they yawn

You text a friend, it’s delivered and no response

Your boss doesn’t acknowledge you in the hallway

Someone is driving the speed limit on a back road and you’re late for an appointment

Your posse posts pics on FB at a concert and you’re sitting home

A friend doesn’t wave at you as you pass through town (and you def make eye contact)

Your boyfriend doesn’t grope you like he did last week

People don’t “like” your FB post or Instagram like you thought they would

You finally get the balls to send a message to someone on a dating site and never hear back.

The list goes on, right?!  And what’s interesting is that we automatically make shit up and the shit we make up either makes it so the other person/party has something wrong with them OR YOU are a complete unlovable, boring, annoying drone. Yes?

Why do we do this?  That’s easy…..we practice this sadistic way of being because we are human and our brains are constructed to take in and process (thank god they work ehh?!?) Being human we’re always striving for balance, comfort and to feel good (which by the way is oh so different for each of us)  So in turn we do what we need to do to achieve that feel good…that’s why we make shit up!

Maybe at one time someone told you that you were boring and they yawned so now every time you’re having a conversation with someone and they yawn you automatically make that shit up that you are boring???   Smell what I’m stepping in here?   Yeah those effing patterns again…….the great thing is is that you can change that shit.

How awesome would it be to ask the person or people that happen to trigger that shit in you?  Instead of making up some lame, enabling, keep it safe, say what you wanna hear story in your head……..address it, ask it, change the flippin’ DNA of the situation (at least for yourself because most of the time the other party has no clue….seriously no clue).

Now, I can only imagine that some of you really enjoy the stories, they’ve become soothing and worthy of creating for whatever reasons but I’m guessing for others it will be radically freeing to take a look at the shit you make up and dissolve the power of it which in turn will make space for the real deal….you know what I’m getting at…real connections, room for growth and development and so much more freedom and ease to just BE.

Try it, I promise you’ll love the feeling.  Being Curious is such a natural human characteristic and when you add the courage to communicate it, it’s a game changer.

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