Gratitude is Free Today and Everyday


Be Grateful for what you have!  You should be grateful you have what you have!  Be grateful I didn’t do what I was going to do to you!

That was my earliest recollection of being grateful and gratitude.  I think that was adults ways of instilling us youngen’s to be thankful and show appreciation…..I get it!

What was missing in the teachings though was the important part of what it feels like within ourselves as we give thanks, as we do a lil’ inventory of all the things in our lives that we are super grateful for.  To no ones fault at all, that’s the jam right there that is MIA from my memories of gratitude….that tingly, all is well and I’m excited, worthy of, Wowza feelings and sensations that whirlwind in my being when I take a moment to go within and reflect.

In my early 30’s I started to dig deeper into how this life thing really worked and yeah, there’s so much more to it than I already know.  Gratitude was a word that was thrown around (or so it seemed) by professors, spiritual teachers, ministers, massage teachers, women’s circles and of course so many books and articles.

I want to share the experience I had the other day that triggered this Gratitude Blog Piece (and it has absolutely nothing to do with the election!!!)     On my way to Montpelier I decided to swing in and see my guy at the restaurant… I opened the door and looked around he was no where to be found.   Seconds later he popped up from behind a large metal grill that was pulled away from the wall.   I asked him what he was doing and he answer that he was cleaning, cleaning behind this monster of a grill..which you can probably imagine the nastiness he encountered.


a prime example of a hot mess of gratitude

He stopped what he was doing and we chatted for a bit and he shared with me how he’s actually given thanks and expressing deep gratitude to all of which is encompassed with in the restaurant.  He shared that he was actually giving thanks to the equipment, walls, the floors, the heat, the deck….the whole nine yards thanking all of it for the 3 plus years of learning, growing and abundance it has provided.

I was so sweetly and gently moved as I was reminded once again how gratitude comes into play in our lives and how important it is to feel it all, like really feel it all down in the deepest parts of our core.  Not that you express gratitude with expectations of receiving but express gratitude for all that is and all that is coming your way because of the true act of being grateful and loving what is and what will be.

For it is the attitude of gratitude that opens us up for more because the vibration of gratitude is so high that the sweet Universe can only match you up with something of the same or higher frequencies.  And that my friends is where it’s at…..You’ll feel it in your bones.

May you find, love and experience all that you have and all that you are via the light of gratitude.


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