Get Over Yourself….Who you fear being, your world is hungry for.


I’ll tell you… humans have it all backwards.  We spend way too much time worrying about what others might think of us ( I know, I know…you’re one of the elite that’ll claim that you don’t give a shit as to what others may think of you) .  Suck it up, humor me and read on.

I’ve been at my wits end many times, scratching my head, hiving out and blowing smoke up my own ass as to what the flip holds me back in this life……why did I catch myself often times than not stopping the flow of my words, stopping myself from taking action in so many different scenarios?  I’ve known for a long time that we’re all here to serve a greater purpose, like we came here kind of like being under contract with the Universe (or input your word of choice here) agreeing to go all in, play hard, get up when we fall flat on our faces and to keep going with this same mojo we were blessed with on the day of conception.

Until one day, not too long ago I was on a coaching call when I was asked why I didn’t  say what was there for me in this particular conversation, why did I feel like I had to stop and high tail back to the safe cave (that actually is my least fave place to hang out but I’ve got this well-trod on path that makes it safe and easy to get to)

My answer to this question was so familiar, so often used  and yet was hiding from me seeing it to share with my coach.  This happens by the way, when your ego fears being seen for its stifling shenanigans that keeps you safe and small.  I sat with her question and what was there for me to see was the big ass fact that I do whatever it takes (including stifling and pretending) to dodge being annoying and shocking to my world.

Now…here’s the thing, I’m sure someone, somewhere told me I was annoying and I probably shocked a few in my day…this is true…do we drag all the great shit that’s said to us for the long haul? No, we don’t!  So at this particular place in my life I reluctantly agreed to practice being annoying and shocking.

Sounded scary to me although what I learned was my view of being annoying and shocking were actions such as: being persistent, being curious, being too loud, being too much, being really good at something in public…you get the gist.

Here’s what happened….I made a phone call to a friend AGAIN and asked him to consider an offer I made him, I asked a woman who had mentioned a handful of times that she really wanted to work with me (but never pursued it) if she was ready to work with me, I gave myself permission to say everything and anything that reared it’s beautiful face while in session with my clients and what happened was the complete opposite than what I feared.

When I called my friend again about considering an offer I had for him, he still said no but was honored that I cared that much and he still loves me!!  (‘cause that is the end all be all with us humans….is that we might not be loved if we are who we truly and authentically are)   When I contacted the woman who kept putting out to me that she wanted to work with me someday, she actually cried and thanked me for being so “out there” with myself and said YES! And for my last example of being annoying by saying all that’s there for me in coaching sessions, I can’t tell you details because of confidentiality but I can tell you this:  By being all in with myself especially my self-proclaimed annoying and shocking ways I’ve given each and every one of them the permission to be whatever it is that holds them back from living the life they desire.  It’s mind blowing and worthy of Big Joy tears for us both… changer for sure.

In a nutshell: The freakishly feared ways of being in me sees the freaky and feared ways of being in you.  I bow gratefully and hold space for you to shine and embrace whatever it is that gets in your way of being whole and human.

This is and has been a huge opening for me and BTW as I complete this blog another feared annoying way of being for me is this:  Here I go again, making it all about me!   Fuck it…..this ones for us all!

So much love in a time where we get to start anew and represent ourselves like never before.  Shine On!

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