OMG….What I did in the shower this morning turned my entire day around. You should try this too.


It’s been a long time coming.  Now I know what I’m about to share with you is probably not something you ever expected to read about but this incident was definitely a game changer for me this morning.  You know how you know deep within yourself that just by doing one simple (or maybe not so simple) hankering task your life can feel freer than ever?  Yeah well….it’s true.

What I was reliving every time I stepped in and out of the shower was small on the spectrum of life but what happened when I finally took the time to deal with it was pretty feckin’ phenomenal.

You see, I believe that we all know what brings us the almighty feel good.  For example, when I finally ponied up and asked a long time friend if she’d like to work with me (oh no!!!….she could say no or wonder who the flip I thought I was )only because the desire was burning within and hanging out at the tip of my tongue for months.  Once I did this, there was this sense of relief, weightlessness and freedom (even before she busted out in tears and thanked me, like thanked me hard) and this trifecta of feelings are what propel me and keep me in the game.

Back to my game changing shower… was the last straw….I was so tired of looking down and seeing what I saw.   It had been weeks, maybe months even that I knew this had to be dealt with.  It would permeate me every time I stepped in and again when I would look down to step out now granted it was only a split nano second each day but it piles up and stores itself in the drothers of the mind.

I knew, like you just know when you know, that today was the day.  The thought of taking a few minutes out of my day to just clear this out was upon me and I was ready.   I reached up and started the process noticing that the rings were not conducive to getting this long over due task done.  Oh no….this is why I was putting it off!  Because I never changed the rings around!  You know those rings that slide across the bar?  and that gnawing, annoying sensation that erupts in your upper arms as you must focus on each little doohickey and strategically pull off both layers?  Didn’t matter….I was effing doing it!  Yes!  My freedom started here!

What came next was that trifecta of feelings (freedom, weightlessness and relief) I had cleared something that had not even been worthy of my daily list but yet robbed a huge part of my brains gigabytes because it was in my world every single day.  Once I finished the long overdue task..I had a whole different skip in my step and outlook on my day.  I all of a sudden opened fertile ground for new creations…seriously, I sat down and banged out a blog entry, found the time for an early morning coaching call, put out openings I had for coaching (and fulfilled) and cleaned up unfinished or roughly left situations in my life that desperately needed it.

Now, you may be rolling your eyes and saying all this opened because of a few minutes in the shower?   And I say hellz yes it did!  It never ceases to amaze me what I allow to take up space in my head and how easy it actually is to clear it to make room for more of what I want.   Maybe you should try to change your shower curtain liner or atleast line up your shower curtain rings so that they are all facing the same way.   Not sure if that is the reason I put it off but I’m glad it’s done and re hung…….

Make space for more of what you want in your life.

Would you like to work with me and clear your debris?

Email me @ or call 802.234.6648

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