Your Belly Ain’t Yo’ Bitch…’s the most powerful barometer you’ve got!

belly-blog-picI have a 45 year old obsession with my belly!   This obsession has danced in and out of my life starting at age 9 when Eric Manchester, a true jokester in 3rd grade made the comment that I was fat and pointed to my belly.  It was at that time I remember sucking in my gut…like literally sucking in my gut as if I was performing a yogic breathing technique that shoots the energy up and down your chakra line.  It became a habit, one of those habits that for probably 80% of the time I had no idea I was doing it.

Then we go on through crazy tween years where our bodies are so fucking awkward and all over the place it only got worse…..tight pants, swelled up belly from onset of the then dreaded period and all the mean girls you could ask for.  Needless to say, the whole belly thing just expanded. 

High School was a measure up time too. In gym class we’d change in the locker room and I was the one who would try and be cool  and nonchalant  and turn away so no one would see my stretched out onsie bra and belly while covering up my pimply butt.  Then came the boys…..something about dating and being in love that allows our bodies to shapeshift into a vital, mean, clean running machine.  Hmmm I think I’m onto something there……..

I could go on with more of my quirky belly memories but I won’t because I want to start a Love Your Pooch Revolution and not try and figure out why we, as women have this preposterous roller-coaster ride like connection to this part of our body.

Pooch Pros:

  1. It is the center of our being
  2. It protects our vital organs
  3. It protects new human lives we get to produce and incubate in there
  4. It’s home to the 2nd and 3rd chakra (creative and power centers) BOOM!
  5. It’s a great place to put your hands on when dancing with your lover
  6. Home of the belly button…..without one you wouldn’t be here.
  7. It’s the home of some of the best laugher ever.
  8. It helps maintain the right temperature for our body
  9. It’s a crucial part in carving out the curves in us as women.
  10. It houses our second or mini brain responsible for mood and well-being

I’ve included this link for those of you who dig learning about the science of it all…..

This most central part of this amazing temple of ours is our Power House! Think about it….it is at the core of our being, encapsulating most of our vital organs and stretches to accommodate a human life over 40 weeks if called upon to do so.

Think about your relationship with your pooch, when you imagine it in your minds eye what comes up?  Do you wish you could bend so far forward and kiss your own pooch?  Do you have a hard time even picturing it because you’ve worked so hard over the years to block it out?  Do you suck it in when people approach you? (I’ve done that) Do you stuff it in tight fitting pants or skirts?  Do you hide it behind over-sized tops?  What do you see when you look at your pooch area in the mirror in that full on body shot?

Here’s the smack down ladies (and gents that I hope are reading this), however you feel about  your belly area is how you feel about yourself.  It is NOT possible to feel shame, embarrassment, resistance or invisibility in one secluded section of your body without it effecting the rest of your being…it’s impossible.   What you think you’re hiding is what your world sees.  Here’s a smattering of symptoms from a hidden, shame filled, go away, embarrassed of belly:

Not expressing strong emotions, such as love, anger, fear
Suppressing, denying, holding in feelings, limiting expression of emotions and passions.
 Feeling dis-empowered in your life. Not taking what is rightfully yours. Not supporting others you love in their personal empowerment.
Feeling conflicted between how you are and how you are “supposed” to be.

Here’s a tiny experiment that I do all the time….notice when you’re standing and you’re in conversation and you notice your arms are crossed at your belly area…feel the guardedness?  Now, uncross your arms and notice the difference.  It might feel a bit vulnerable but he point of this exercise is so that you can feel the difference when you cover “her” up and when you let “her” be.   Pretty mind blowing ehhh?!?!

It’s time to turn the love light on our pooches today.   Express Gratitude for all that she provides.

Rock that beautiful pooch and watch how when you free your belly you free yourself.  Make a commitment to not cut the circulation off with those tight jeans, let the fluids and blood flow freely, and by all means if you’re not feeling healthy and you know it’s time to make changes do so.  Seek professional help if needed.  As you allow yourself to love the core of your temple it will surely repay you in power, health, vitality and energy.

Lastly, check out the belly project by Dr. Karen Rayne and Christy Tashijian for some great photos of the many facets, shapes, colors, ages and sizes of women’s bellys from all over.  Be mindful of your reactions to the shares, my guess is that you’ll not only be able to relate and identify with the belly’s, you’ll probably experience that audacious sense of belonging , that feeling you get when you realize you’re unique, powerful and part of a the tribe.

Let’s start a revolution!  Honor your belly, fortify “her” with nutrition, love and respect and may you shine on in this world through your audacious, powerhouse center of your Universe.



How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you ~ rupi kaur

One Comment on “Your Belly Ain’t Yo’ Bitch…’s the most powerful barometer you’ve got!

  1. That was exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for putting the belly’s right out there. I identified with all you said, the sucking in, the folded arms, the constant nagging to my psyche of how ugly my core is. At nearly 45, it’s time to love the belly. Any thoughts on the thighs? lol.


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