Nice Guy finishes Last (Night)

fullsizerender-10I never did dig that saying.  But, last night that is exactly what happened.  This guy (the one in the green ‘Keep Vermont Weird T) wrapped up his entire working career years.  He’s decided to JUMP and as of right this second he has no net. (do we actually ever have a net though?)  This dude has been in restaurant kitchens for 35 years.  He started off as a dish dog on the Cape when he was 14 and knew right away that he had to be the guy at the helm…… forward to today and he can easily name at least 5 restaurants/cafes that he’s run and helped soar into flourishing eateries.

He’s always loved creating with food and satisfying pallets all over the Upper Valley.  He’s a prime example of what it looks like to do what you love, love what you do.  His ability to cater to his clients needs was like no other.  Customers would say to me that he was by far the easiest chef they’ve ever had to work.  When he produced weddings he would see each of them through from the initial phone call to final last call on the night of the event.  He rocked the house and thrived when he had a jungle of dupes (orders) up on his line….he used to tell me that was one of the most satisfying feelings ever~ was having that flowing feeling, be in his groove, feed a couple hundred people and have everyone be satisfyingly of exceptional size (fat) and Cheshire grinning (happy).

We took on our final venture in November 2013 at the Three Stallion Inn and out of it we created Willy-B’s Tavern.  We attracted some of the finest staff around (and yes, we had our share of duds too).  Along with being open for dinner Thursday -Saturdays, the Tavern was the hub for about 65 weddings, 40 company outings and too many to count business luncheons over the course of the 3 years.  That’s a whole lotta food and drink!  As time went, I decided to step out and put my energy into something new…even though I loved working with this amazing guy who finished last (night) I knew I had to practice what I preached and that was to follow what moved me, step into more of what I truly want to flourish in and NOT just stay in what I know and what is comfy, safe and warm.

This guy turned 50 this year and between that and not feeling the lusty love he’s always had for creating with food he decided to leap!  He decided it was time to follow his enormous amount of bliss that was knocking on his door.  Once he was solid with his YES and shared the news with the folks that mattered he seriously had a new look, a look that easily was one of relief, release, calm, peace and dignity.  It was as if he just told someone a long held in truth.  It was such an honor to get to be a witness to this experience.  I have no doubts and I mean NONE, ZERO, ZILCH that this guy is entering a fantabulous new chapter of his life……I am blessed to be able to share this journey with him.

This guy is my hubs, my confidant, my bouncer-offer, my built in client, my built in coach (depending on the day and who needs what), the amazing try (most) anything once dude, my riding partner, co-parent, partner in crime….This guy is the audacious and amazing William Thomas Walker aka Willy and I love, love, love his ever lovin’ heart and soul.  As I so believe in and share with others…nothing is forever, nothing and I get that…that’s why we love, we care, we enjoy and we soak every precious experience up on this planet.

My message from the Universe:  this ride is about to start~ keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times while it’s in motion unless of course you’re on a freaky roller coaster…in which case….get your hands in the air baby!

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