A funky creative way of saying: Follow Your God damn Bliss

I’ll start this crazy train with my God damn Bliss:

Passion….WTF is this word that’s thrown around in all these new agey conversations? For clarity sake in this blog when I refer to passion I’m talking about your desires in life, what stokes your fire, lights you up, brings you mad joy, creates a smirk that just doesn’t quit….you get the gist.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably got a good grasp on at least a few of your desires  and ….You probably know you want to life an amazing life, right??

I so badly want to write about my experience with passions, blisses and unraveling but the “stay safe” voice in my head is  echoing “this ain’t about you Beth, not another tale of a day in the life of Beth”.  I say f#ck it and too bad….I’m a rock star story teller and this is my connection to my world.  Phew, now that… feels better.

Connecting with my world IS my jam.  Being a big ass beautiful mirror (you know…the kind with the big scrolly things all around it like Sleeping Beauty had) so that my world can see who they truly are underneath the layers AND being a rock solid mountain (as in Everest) for that same world to hear themselves as they echo their truest of true truths off of me.  Through these ways of being that come so flipping *natural to me (hello passion of mine) I plan on transforming my world.  If everyone I run into is able to get clear with their dying to be seen passions  AND most importantly learn how to take action I will definitely leave this world when it’s my time, an ecstatic woman.

Speaking of dying…..the thought of death has been a fantastic motivator for me over the years.  I often freak the feck out by imagining myself at the end of my life saying with feeling “is this it?, did I have enough fun?, did I say and be everything I wanted to?   Well folks, just the mere fact that I was wondering about this was enough evidence needed to say that I wasn’t living to my fullest potential……and so it began and continues to begin, always.  I don’t know about you but I want to leave a legacy…a big, fat, powerful, unforgettable, game changing, spicy, sassy, non-traditional LEGACY!

What I want my world (that means you) to get,is this:  We’re all born with a passion filled heart and our task in our no rhyme or reason lives is to fulfill them.   There!  I said it! I bet you didn’t know this, did you?

My passion consists of using my curiosity, intuition and keen gift of wisdom filled gab to change the world by standing for people as they discover their passion filled desires and (here’s the best part) once they’re claimed as yours and you own ‘em like a boss you’ll have what it takes to take action and bring them to the surface and bring your life to a new level of epicness. (totally a word in my dictionary)   This is where the unraveling comes in…  you commit to yourself and the self that no longer serves you unravels, freely with ease and grace.

There’s the kid-friendly, don’t want to scare you away version of what I am up to and for those that skipped to the end, well there’s a reason for that…it’s because you like the smack down, give it to me straight, say what’s there version..right?!  Here you go !

My coaching is for you if:  You’re ballsy enough to admit you want more;  if you’re a believer in “everything happens for a reason” and when you’re in your flow it feels euphoric; if you can handle your coach (moi) asking you any and all questions that surface(because what transpires in my sessions IS pretty effin’ magical) AND the #1 reason why my coaching would be for you is :  drum roll please……….if you love (or think you would love) someone else being totally dedicated & devoted to your personal growth and blissed out happiness, I’m definitely your gal/coach.

“Forget safety.  Live where you fear to live.  Destroy your reputation.  Be notorious.”~Rumi

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